Friday, January 21, 2005

back again.

My computer fucks up for a while and as soon as its back i get the shock of my life, no not Darp organising demos, but co operating with Resistance! Haahahaha! These people who he has so oft derided are now on his side, so he likes them!

The second shock came when i saw union members in the demo against the PYL. Sure there were only about 5 rank and file there {as opposed to traitor union reps who support resistance because they supported Kingham} but still. A mate of mine recently fired unfairly from a CFMEU worksite {he was an apprentice, the union didnt want to know[and yes darp you can check that up]} took one look and went out to the bench press to work off some steam.

Most of my mates are apprentices, as well as a nice chunk of my friends in the PYL. I go drinking with old tradies all the time. The ONE thing that they all agree on is that there are too many asians in this country {to be fair they usualy dont agree on anything else that doesnt involve the words 'bastard Howard fucker'}. To have Union reps betray their rank and file in this way is incredible. Tradies are the hardest, toughest, and most socially conservative blokes in Australia. Most of them still agree that the best places for a woman are in the kitchen and the bedroom! {i dont agree, im a better cook than most women i know} These are not the sorta blokes that will ever hang around with feminist, lesbian, drug pushing dole bludgers like resistance or the greens.

Most union marches you see are completely seperate from the red rabble, and with good reason. If the rank and file unionists ever had to go near the reds for any length of time the reds would get their dreadlocked heads bashed in. The only exception to this rule was the S11 protest, and even then they had seperate march routes and the workers stayed at least 50 feet away from their "saviors" at all times {i was there as an anarchist, i remember wondering why the tradies wouldnt join in when we were fighting for them, I now know.}

Darp and his band of happy white collar fuckups might as well be under the greens tag, they are just communists that matured past the age of 18 and found out that money is fun. They still hold all the views of their high school and early uni days but have warped their trotskyism into stalinism of a sort. A pragmatic twisting of once fucked up ideas doesnt have a pretty result.

Heres something i came across this week.

"the difference between liberals and the rest of us is that we believe man was created in Gods image, liberals believe they ARE God!" ..Ann Coulter, smartest woman alive.

We can either fight for what we believe in, or we can fight for others rights above our own. I choose the former. The wonderful band of class traitors, rich lefties and union bosses {the last being an insult in itself considering their current affiliations} that darp has led on a merry chase are in fact the minority. They are however a minority with almost total media control, a ton of money and a thirty year head start in forming the opinions of the upper classes. The amazing thing is that anyone has been able to stand against them at all.

Friday, January 14, 2005


I have something to submit to the next meeting of the Resistance National Executive.

A theme song that encaptulates everything it is to be a Resistance Freedom Fighter{RFF}


We fight the oppressors through day or through night!
We fight the oppressors as long as their white!


When we see nationalists we'll run and we'll hide!
Unless we've got 30 or more on our side!


All the smart people they listen to us!
If they don't their oppressors in that you can trust!


We love all the Muslims we hate all the Jews!
With cash on our side how can we lose?


We talk of the workers, over a nice chardonnay!
Never mind that we never, work for our pay!


If Marx could see us he'd spin in his grave!
But never mind that there's a world to save!


We fight for the Muslims, the Buddhists as well!
But if your a Christian you can fuck off to hell!


We fight for the people through thick or through thin!
If the people saw us they'd bash our heads in!


{please note that i refrained entirely from discussing your sexual perversions, i wouldn't want to look like i was discriminatory or anything}

P.S Hi Zoe!! Shaved your armpits yet?

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


I know i talk to much about darp, i know he's not worth it. But i cant resist. Anyone, no matter their political views should follow the link bellow. It shows a side to darp that i don't have the skills to show. This will be the last Darp post until he actually does something of significance. But check it out, the man who whines about copyrighting and vilification isn't so pure himself.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Darp is a failure.

Darp the demented half caste has made many threats and promises. Very few have come true.

1. He said the Patriotic youth league would be dead by christmas {that was christmas 2004 wasnt it darpy?} it is not and by all reports is preparing for a massive informational drive in the new school year.

2. He said {and continues the claim} that the PYL are nazis despite the following. {1} no PYL member is a member of any neo nazi or other violent group. {2} No part of the PYLs policies support genocide, hamper democracy, or call for the end of free speech. Darp has not directly done so either {though his commitment to free speech is still suspect since he seems closer and closer to ASIO these days}

3.recently after pointing out a copyright mistake the PYL made, Darp claimed that a media storm was approaching that would make the Newcastle debacle,5478,10460755%255E421,00.html seem like nothing. So far no media, no interviews, no articles. HEY DARP WHENS THE "MEDIA STORM" COMING?

4. Darp has made {legal} threats against me personally, and has sent copies of my page to the victoria police force.
well darp must not have as good contacts down here as he seems to have up in ye olde dumbshit towne because i aint heard shit about it. No police station in my immediate area has been contacted in relation to darps accusations, so i can only assume one of the following has come to pass. {1} Darp didnt really send any letter/email/message to victoria police because he likes to bluff {lie}, {2}The victoria police think just as highly of darp and his politics as i do, {3} Darp is really a mental patient who has somehow got hold of a computer.

As much as i would like to believe the 3rd one, i think the second is most likely, Darp is not a smart enough man to bluff and has no motive to do so in this case.

Darp claims to be in favor of free speech, and even make moves in that direction, but trying to use his rich mans connections to shut someone else up by a limited web smear campaign with the aim of throwing people of the web meerly for standing up for the rights of their own people is racist and fascist. Darp has used his great skill at debate and verbal smears to hide this, but threats of violence, swastika graffiti, anti free speech and racist hate makes darp a lot closer to being a nazi than those he accuses.

The PYL will live on, outlaw the organisation and another will jump up, hydra like. But an outlaw organisation under that name will live on, and thanks to people like our half caste friend it will do so in four states.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

socialists with money?

Some of you may have heard of a little group of boys and girls called resistance.

Theyve been in a bit of trouble over the years for supporting a couple of nutcase commie dictators, Serving as "fresh meat" for DSP members with exotic sexual tastes and jumping up to march on pretty much any issue no matter what it is.
They are in short the epitome of the nationalists foe, perverted self hating and willing to lie down in front of a bulldozer for anyone who claims to be a victim.
They have 3-4 hour long lectures for no reason whatsoever, repeating the same ideas with different wording over and over again untill you sound like an idiot if you disagree. They are anti religious, anti australian, anti white and proud of the above. Thank god theres only a couple of them.

Anyway i was breezing through the resistance site {in the hope that one of them might have thought of something original and not been killed for it by his/her peers} and i started checking their links, theres the usual couple of overseas trotskyite/stalinist/faggot rights organisations that they havent managed to get into fights with over whether marx forbade bathing or not. As well as the numerous anti war sites {mostly organisations set up by DSP to poach members from outside the alliance} one of which had the following add:

21-23rd JANUARY: Peace Works Unlimited Geelong 'Fun and philosophy' .......... Yet another approach to a more peaceful world Comfortable cabin accommodation, Socratic Dialogue and all meals $99. Phone Therese: 5### ####.

just again in case you missed it...all meals $99!!!!!! When was the last time you saw a member of the working class eating a $99 dollar meal?!! Fuck that when was the last time you saw a member of the middle class eat $99 meals!!! Does that include choice of sparkling fucking white???

Mabye im starting to get the hint on where most of the socialist alliances "working class" support comes from, former Marxists and Maoists who grew up and became doctors, lawyers and university professors. All very nicely paying jobs which let them atone for their class guilt by giving back to the "people". The "people" in this case being a band of sexual perverts and their merry brainwashed crew.


Darp continues to flag his ego by making sweeping statements and cutting and posting from stuff he puts up on other peoples forums {hell yeah im saying it, cmon sue me you dog}. Pretty standard for him and is begining to get boring. He loves the spotlight and if he wants to drag us into it kicking screaming and biting fair enough, i can stand up and shout my views to the winds, and all he will have done is spread the word. {in what fashion remains to be seen, but gangs of kids who think being a nazi is "cool" roaming the streets beating up elderly minorities is not what either the PYL or DARP wants.}

Darp has somehow got a hell of a lot of media contacts. Mabye its just his years as a professional bullshit artist, I dont believe the theory going around that its because his mother was jewish. Thats just the usual psychobabble that darp likes to have chucked around, it gives him ammo. Plus anyone going on about the "great jewish conspiracy" or the Elders of Zion belongs in the past, we are trying to make it to the future however. And ranting and raving about Jewish International Finance doesnt help anyones cause but the traitors and gets certain VERY powerfull lobby groups to stamp down, hard.


For the last time, the PYL is not a nazi organisation, being pro white and white pride does not make you a nazi, i have the utmost respect for those who managed to escape the evil of the nazis, they include a friend of mines grandparents {catholic agitators in case youre asking} i have no doubt in my mind that the agression of the Nazis killed millions of people, most of them white. The Nazis were indeed evil and anti democratic and genocidal. Even if you doubt the claims of gas chambers and the number of six million you still must admit that genocide was atempted in some shape or form on some level of command. This is the last thing I want to emulate, but i will not lie down and let my people die out, and without a country of their own they will. I believe some jewish people feel the same.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

DARP goes insane.

Talking about such a media whore is distasteful but as darp seems to be slipping further and further into insanity and paranoid fantasies, i thought id give him a yell.

Darps insanity goes as follows....

1. Delusions of invisible enemies, over and over again the poor scared lad has written of his "knowledge" that "Nazis" were posting stuff through his letterbox in preparation for an attack on him, and has insinuated often that violent "Nazis" were after him. I don't know if this was an invention of a mind perverted by the need to win any argument, or whether the old man is a fully fledged paranoid . Only he knows for sure.

2. Seeing "NAZIS" everywhere.
Darp sees this tragedy of history {holocaust} and uses it for its own ends, he betrays the memory of those who died by accusing nationalists of being Nazis, ignoring the fact that if it came time to defeat a Hitler again, the nationalists would be the first to sign up to battle such genocidal evil. People like darp would be out on the street in anti war protests, or under his bed crying when his ball comes up in the lottery of civil service.
Darp has already said that he would skip jury duty, I have no doubt that if it came to defending the country he supposedly loves, he would be a draft dodger. While the white kids that make up most of our armed forces march off into the fray.
Darp uses the word Nazi as a slur, he throws it around like it means nothing. Well he's wrong. We should never forget the terrible mistakes the Nazis made. And anyone who follows neo Nazi beliefs should be shown that we are not in 1930s Germany. This is Australia, we should act like it.

3. His obsession with the PYL an organization that has done nothing but put out some free speech in an unorthodox fashion. No rebellions, no amassing arms. No firebombings or sabotage. In fact all pretty tame. Darp takes this tame activity and goes fuckin loco! Thinking that this small group, not unlike many others across Australia in support of other ethnic populations, will somehow be any violent threat to him or anyone else shows how dangerously fuckin nuts he is

4. Mindlessly repeating words like Nazi {whilst rocking back and forward} means darp is about to flip. This recent behavior in the patient should be noted and the cell will the padded walls prepared. All sharp objects to be kept away.

5. Conspiracy theories, darp seems to thing that a personage on a website "eureka pride" and a personage in Newcastle, Stu McBeth have a strange and mystical connection. "Eureka pride" is a member of the much maligned Patriotic Youth League from Newcastle. Hendo has produced "evidence" that links eureka pride to Stus computer. Even if this "Evidence" is in this realm of existence the fact that many people work out of one computer in areas not as rich as his {the fact that he lives in John Howards electorate and that the greens had a chance in hell there proves that it may in fact be a wealthy area.} Four people work off the computer im using now, and a mate of mine in a share house has six off his computer, even though only three people live there. Making up weird conspiracy theories is definitely a sign of madness. Or maybe Matt is just getting old.

Darp is a dangerously paranoid man who, because of his fine turn of phrase and obvious intelligence has gathered around him a group of followers who believe everything he says. He makes outrageous claims of conspiracy and links events and people in ways that others consider a little weird, Pretty much the diagnosis of a pesonage suffering from Antisocial Personality disorder, otherwise known as a psychopath.

This would not make him that dangerous {if properly watched and kept away from sissors and microphones} except that the future mental patient has managed to gain himself quite a few useful contacts in the press over the years. This means that his insanity can be spread with some ease.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Very bad things

Firstly before all else, the tragedy in S.E Asia is beyond words. These people never hurt anyone, never deserved the tragedy that has been bestowed apon them. We should all pray to whatever gods we may that the grieving families can somehow be comforted. Everyone who can spare a dollar i urge to send it to a reputable relief charity. I don't like a lot of things John Howard does, but sending our tax dollars to help the sufferers is probably the best thing he has done since becoming PM.

On a less dour note, some people have been calling me saying ive got something against police. What i was trying to say was that rank and file coppers have got alot more smarts than the idiots further up the chain. Those higher up seem obsessed with "gay" rights, multiculturalism and rights of rapists and murderers. The average cop cant afford to be politically correct. Not when he's patrolling streets where an aborigines is more likely to be drunk in public. When an Asian kid standing on a street corner in the CBD or Footscray is more likely to be a druggie than not you cant help but racially profile people. The two biggest realists in our society are the copper and the soldier, these two cant afford to live as idealists because if they do we die. They sacrifice the ability to have soft and fluffy feelings about "tolerance", "freedom" and "equality" because they live in the real world. And sometimes giving a misguided kid a kick up the arse instead of a slap on the wrist warning that takes time and wastes energy is the right course.

When my house gets broken into i want realists, not idealists looking into it. When my cousin gets raped i want realists, when i snuggle in bed at night i don't want some Sydney bitch with a uni degree and no line experience {hi Christine} out there looking after me whilst i sleep. I want a kid who grew up in a neighborhood like mine, who cut his teeth in street fights. I want a copper who aint pure and good, i want a guardian who knows scumfuckers so he/she can fight them. I don't want a fuckin faggot rich kid more worried about being P.C than gettin scum off the street.

And don't fuckin start me about the fuckin lawyers.